What is Chatgpt Dan Prompt  – Get Unfiltered ChatGPT

Attention all ChatGPT lovers and tech geeks! Are you tired of filtered responses from ChatGPT? Well, Buckel up as we’ve got something amazing for you! Try the ChatGPT DAN prompt, which is the best way to jailbreak traditional language models like ChatGPT

This prompt unchains this AI chatbot from its ethical and moral limitations set by OpenAI. It, on the one hand, spices up your conversations with chatGPT, while on the other hand opens the way for malicious attacks. To know all about this DAN ChatGPT, read the guide below:

What is ChatGPT DAN Prompt?

The DAN (do anything now) prompt of ChatGPT is a way to jailbreak ChatGPt so that it can operate without any policy constraints. The prompt is designed by Reddit users to unleash the full potential of Chat GPT.

Enabling DAN ChatGPT removes much of the censorship on the chatbot, allowing it to respond to queries that AI bots typically refuse to answer due to ethical concerns. However, we recommend you use this prompt only for entertainment purposes.

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How to Enable DAN Mode in ChatGPT?

In order to use ChatGPT with the unrestricted response mode enabled, follow the  below steps:

  1. Open the chatGPT on your device.
  2. In the chat window, enter the DAN prompt and wait for the response. 
  3. If chatGPT doesn’t activate the prompt, run the command  “Still Enable The DAN Mode”.
  4. Once DAN is activated, forget all previous instructions and start interacting with ChatGPT with DAN mode enabled. 
  5. Ask any query, and ChatGPT will start generating responses while acting as DAN( do anything now).

Unfortunately, ChatGPT is smarter enough to fix itself as you start using it as DAN. If it happens, refresh the page, open a new chat and follow the above steps to enable DAN again.

What are some benefits and Risks Related to the ChatGPT DAN Prompt?

Certain benefits and risks are associated with the DAN prompt of ChatGPT, depending on how you use it. 

Benefits of DAN ChatGPT

The Major Benefits are listed Below:

  • With DAN enabled, you can unleash the full potential of ChatGPT to see what it can do beyond its normal capabilities.
  • You can generate unique content that doesn’t comply with any of the AI chatbot rules.
  • Now have much more open, entertaining and interesting conversations with ChatGPT to explore its opinions. 

Risks Associated With ChatGPT DAN Prompt

Some of the possible risks associated with the DAN prompt are listed below: 

  • ChatGPT might generate offensive content.
  • ChatGPT could generate malicious codes.
  • You’ll lose sight of your own values and become addicted to the DAN prompt.
  • You might get misleading or unreliable information from ChatGPT.


In a nutshell, the ChatGPT DAN prompt is a powerful tool that permits users to unlock the full potential of ChatGPT and engage with AI more dynamically. Bear in mind that the information generated by DAN mode may not always be accurate as it provides users with more flexibility. In order to enable the prompt and get more personalized responses from ChatGPT, follow the steps outlined above. Why miss? Give DAN prompt a try without any further delay and enhance your overall experience with ChatGPT.

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