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Is Freedomgpt Safe To Use? Freedom Gpt Review

The development of AI tools has changed the world of artificial intelligence, especially after the arrival of chatgpt in the technology field. Another valuable addition to the AI industry is freedomgpt. If you’re a regular chatgpt or any other ai tool user then you must have faced difficulty in finding the outputs of some queries which are restricted in chatgpt. But Freedomgpt is an open-source AI tool that provides uncensored answers to your input. Many of the users have many concerns about its security and privacy. They often ask a query “Is freedomgpt safe”.

So here in this blog post, we will try to figure out the truth for you Is freedomgpt safe? We will discuss in-depth the meaning of freedom gpt and its specialties along with some serious concerns about it. We will also take a look at all the pieces of evidence and proof of whether using freedomgpt is safe or not.  Here is a complete freedom gpt review.

What Is Freedomgpt Exactly?

Freedom gpt is an open-source AI chatbot that provides the answers to your query without any restriction. Chatgpt or any other AI tool has many filters or restrictions as they provide output to only those queries that are ethical or restriction-free. But freedomgpt gives you all the freedom of questioning anything to it and it will give you output.

Freedomgpt Specialties: What Makes It Different From Other AI Tools?

These are the freedomgpt online feature that makes it stand out from all other AI tools,

Offline: Freedomgpt can be installed on your Macbook or computer and can be run offline. This makes it a very private AI chatbot where your all conversations will be safe and cannot be accessed by anyone. So you don’t need any internet to run freedomgpt on your desktop.

Unrestricted output: Freedpmgpt provides you with an unrestricted response. It doesn’t give you filtered answers to your query like other AI tools. All the other AI tools have ethical considerations while generating responses but freedom gpt is not like those.

Versatile: Freedomgpt can generate the human-like text in many styles which shows the versatility of the tool. It can generate text in many unique and different styles.

Open source: It is mentioned that it is an open-source AI tool.

How To Use Freedomgpt?

·         Visit the FreedomGPT website and download the appropriate version for your operating system (Windows or Mac).

·         After installation, run the app. You may encounter a firewall prompt asking for permission to access the network. Grant permission for optimal functionality.

·         You can now interact with FreedomGPT through a chat interface.

Is Freedomgpt Safe?

Many concerns about freedomgpt is it safe or not. Here we will give you information about both sides.

Freedomgpt passes all the red flags from scam detectors and is safe to use. The scam detector verifies that freedomgpt is safe to use and you can use it. Freedomgpt promises to deliver you the best security and privacy regarding your conversation with its AI tool.

But there are some concerns about the accuracy of freedomgpt. Some of the times the information generated by freedomgpt is not correct and is false. So from this side, it is not safe as you have to recheck the information always so that you don’t get the wrong information you need.

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Potential Risks While Using Freedomgpt

As freedomgpt is safe to use but it is not safe to use because there are some of the Potential Risks while using freedomgpt. Here are some of the Potential Risks while using freedomgpt,


Freedomgpt is not accurate always and it can generate the wrong information and response. The output generated by freedomgpt is only sometimes correct and accurate so this is the main risk while using this uncensored AI tool.


This AI tool can easily be used by anyone for restricted inputs. There are many things that users are not allowed to search on other AI tools as this information can easily be misused. Hence you are using this tool so it will give you output without knowing the fact that it can be misused.

Offensive Or Inappropriate Response

As you’re using this if you put any inappropriate query to freedomgpt it will not look back and will reply to you in its manner. The output may be very offensive or inappropriate for the user.

Loss data

Your conversation data is stored in your device not in freedomgpt database so if you ever lose the memory of your desktop then you are also gonna lose your data.


Sometimes this AI tool can crash while using.

Freedom Gpt Cost

There are no subscription fees for freedomgpt. You can use it for free on your desktop or Macbook.

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Freedomgpt is an uncensored AI tool that provides unfiltered response to all of your queries. It provides you answers to all the queries that other AI tools don’t. Many users are concerned about whether is it safe to use but here we conclude that freedomgpt is safe to use. But there are many potential risks while using freedoomgpt ai. It can generate offensive, inappropriate, or wrong information. Moreover, one such advantage of using this AI tool is that it is free to use and you don’t need to pay any subscription fees.


Is Freedom GPT better than ChatGPT?

Freedom GPT provides you unfiltered response, but it is no better than chatGPT.

Is freedom GPT free to use?

One such advantage of using the freedom GPT AI tool is that it is free to use and you don’t need to pay any subscription fees.

How do I download Freedom GPT?

Visit the FreedomGPT website and download the appropriate version for your operating system (Windows or Mac).

Is freedom gpt legal?

Legal concerns about the freedom gpt are complex and uncertain.

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