Complete Guide About How to Disable Chat History in ChatGPT

Are you curious about ChatGPT but worried about the security risks attached to this chatbot? Then you’re in luck, buddy! As of Tuesday, April 25, 2023, OpenAI announced a new update to enhance user privacy and provide them with more control over their data while utilizing this platform.

OpenAI explained in a blog post that chatGPT won’t save previous chats, nor will it use this data to train or improve the model when chat history is disabled from the settings. But how to disable chat history in chatGPT? Go through the below section for a detailed procedure.  

How to Disable Chat History in ChatGPT – Procedure

In order to turn off conversation history in chatGPT, follow the below step-by-step instructions:

First of all, log in to your OpenAI ChatGPT account.

Chat GPT Login

Once logged in, click on the 3 dots next to your email address in the bottom left corner of the chatGPT interface.

How to Disable Chat History in ChatGPT

A menu will open; from here, click “Settings”.A new pop-up will appear on the screen; click on “Show” next to “Data Controls”.

Now toggle off the option saying “Chat History & Training” to turn off the chat history.

After disabling chatGPT conversation history, you’ll notice that now your conversations are not being saved in the history bar on the left side of the screen.

If you now want to again turn the option on, hit the green “Enable Chat History” button in the left sidebar.

As per the new update, users can also export their chat by clicking on the “Export Data” option in the same settings menu. The users will receive their data in a downloadable file through Email.

There’s a catch, though, even after disabling the chat history, OpenAI will still be storing user data for 30 days but only for monitoring any abuse before permanently deleting it.

We can relate this feature to Google’s Incognito mode, where any browsing isn’t saved or tracked. We can say OpenAI and Google are in competition to facilitate users in the best possible way.

The chat history disabling feature in chatGPT and Google incognito mode both have the same purpose, to provide such users extra privacy and security that won’t allow their searches, interactions, or activities to be recorded.

Bear in mind these settings won’t apply to any existing chats you had with chatGPT before that update. It means OpenAI can still use your previous conversations to train its model.

Another Announcement: ChatGPT Business Subscription for Professionals

Along with chatGPT history-related updates, OpenAI has also announced that it’s working on a new advanced ChatGPT business subscription model for professionals and enterprises that want more control over their data.

ChatGPT’s business subscription model is expected to be available in the coming months. This model will follow open API’s data usage policies which ensure that users’ data will not be used to train the model by default.

The Verdict 

We’ve tried our best to assist you with “How to disable chat history in chatGPT,” and we’re sure all your concerns related to that topic are clear now. These announcements by open AI come after raised concerns about the privacy of machine learning platforms and ensure that users now may have more control over their data and that their data will not be shared with anyone.

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