Expert Tips To Fix ChatGPT Error Code 1020 in 5 Minutes

Are you repeatedly encountering ChatGPT error reference number 1020 (access denied)? You’re not alone, buddy!

When we say the word “ChatGPT,” nearly everyone knows what we’re talking about. This is because this powerful AI chatbot is being used in almost every field and is growing exponentially. However, as with any software, frequent use of ChatGPT can result in system crashes, login issues, and various other technical glitches. Amongst these, the most irritating is undoubtedly the “access denied – ChatGPT error reference code 1020”.

In this article, we’ll provide a brief overview of what this error reference number is, its primary causes, and effective methods to fix it. So, without further delay, let’s get started!

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What is ChatGPT Error Reference Number 1020?

The error code 1020 in Chat GPT refers to an HTTP access denial, which signifies that the IP address you’re using to access the application has been restricted. This is a common error of websites that use Cloudflare, the leading content delivery network (CDN) known for its exceptional security features.

Most specifically, we can say that when you receive a message prompt with error code 1020 while using chat GPT, it implies that you may have violated one or more of Cloudflare’s security rules. i.e., Cloudflare might have flagged your IP address as suspicious or malicious, thereby preventing you from accessing the website.

Possible Reasons for ChatGPT Error 1020 Access Denied

You may encounter an access denied 1020 error code for a variety of reasons. A few of them are listed below here:

IP address Blocking: When you face error code 1020, it means that the website you’re trying to access has detected some suspicious activity from your IP address, resulting in blocking the IP. 

Bad Requests: Error code may also be due to bad requests on a webpage due to internet or cache issues or excessive requests from the same IP address.

VPN or Proxy Server Issue: If you’re using a VPN or proxy server that is famous for associating with suspicious or malicious activity, then the website you’re trying to access may block the VPN or proxy server’s IP address, thus restricting you from using the application.

Region: Chat GPT is restricted in some countries like China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran and a few others. If you’re trying to use Chat GPT in these regions, you may probably encounter Chat GPT access denied error code 1020.

How Do I Fix Error 1020 in ChatGPT?

If you’re fed up facing the same ChatGPT error reference number 1020, then try the below-mentioned solutions to resolve that issue:

1 – Enable or Disable VPN or Proxy Server

chat gpt error reference number 1020

If you’re using a proxy server or VPN, then turn it off and see if the issue has been resolved. You may also enable some other VPN or proxy server.

2 – Clear Browser Cache and Cookies 

error reference number 1020

Sometimes browser cookies may also restrict you from accessing ChatGPT, so go to your browser settings > Privacy and Security > Browsing data and then clear all cache or cookies data.

3 – Disable Chrome Extensions

What is error code 1020 in OpenAI chat?

If you’re using some Chrome extensions to block ads or pop-ups, then disable these, as sometimes Chrome extensions may block you from accessing a website.

4 – Check or Change Your IP

How do I fix error reference number 1020?

If the problem is with your IP address, then try to change it to seamlessly access Chat GPT.

5 – Try Another Browser

Why can't I access OpenAI?

Sometimes your web browser is all that is hindering you from accessing the ChatGPT. In this case, switching to any other browser may resolve the error code 1020.

6 – Reset the Internet Connection

How do I stop GPT network error chat?

If you’ve tried many of the solutions, but no one is working for you, then maybe the issue is with your internet connection. So reset internet connection settings and ensure a stable internet supply. 

7 – Contact the Website Administrator

If you’ve tried all of the above solutions but still facing error 1020 access denied, then sadly, you’ll have to do a bit more from your side. Contact the website administrator and request to unblock your IP.


We’ve tried our best to guide you correctly about chatGPT error reference number 1020. This may be due to IP blocking due to a variety of reasons. However, changing the VPN, clearing the browser cache, or disabling the Chrome extensions might resolve the issue. If you still have trouble accessing Chat GPT due to error code 1020, don’t hesitate to contact the website administrator or Chat GPT customer support.

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