Chat GPT 4 Playground – A Basic Guide 2023

ChatGPT is a hot cake right now that has astounded people with its impressive capabilities since its release in November 2022.OpenAI, the company behind the development of ChatGPT, launched Chat GPT 4 playground in the 2nd half of March 2023.

This newest iteration of the model boasts numerous upgrades and advanced capabilities that far surpass those of its predecessor. In this article, we’re going to discuss what this model is and how to access and use it. So let’s delve into the read to discover everything you need to know about Chat GPT 4 playground.

What’s Chat GPT 4 Playground

In the wake of the popular AI chatbot Chat GPT 3, OpenAI has unveiled its latest software masterpiece, Chat GPT 4 Playground. This cutting-edge language model is equipped with the unparalleled capability to process diverse forms of data, including texts and images, that were previously deemed unfeasible by its predecessor versions, GPT 3 and GPT 3.5.

This AI project was originally launched in November 2022, but the latest live stream by open AI president and co-founder Greg Brockman on official OpenAI YouTube channel showcased a demo of GPT-4 playground functionality and how developers can reap maximum benefits from GPT -4’s exceptional features. Chat GPT 4 playground is actually a webpage within Chat GPT that provides 49 additional tools to customers to improve their experience and thus promises to be far superior to the preceding models.

How To Use Chat GPT 4 Playground

Although Chat GPT 4 is a huge step forward from Chat GPT 3, only Chat GPT Plus subscribers will be able to use it. It means this software isn’t available for public use. However, there’re chances that the free version of Chat GPT will be upgraded to include GPT 4 in the near future. As of the live stream demo of chat GPT 4 playground, it will operate similarly to its predecessor.

➡️If you fancy using this playground through Chat GPT Pro, you must follow the below steps:

1. Sign Up for Chat GPT Account.

2. In this AI chatbot interface, click “Upgrade to Plus” and enter all your details to subscribe to the Chat GPT Plus version, that’ll cost you $20/month.

Chat Gpt plus

3. This way, you can easily access Chat GPT 4 playground, which is currently limited to 25 queries every 3 hours. 

➡️To have full access to the playground, you can join the waitlist for GPT 4, which comprises of below steps:

chat gpt 4 waitlist api
chat gpt 4 waitlist api
  • Click on this link to register for an Open AI account.
  • In the organization settings, add a payment method.
  • Fill and submit GPT-4 waitlist form (preferably select the country as US or UK as access to their residents will be the main priority).
  • Within a week or 2, you’ll receive a confirmation email from OpenAI that you’ve been granted priority access to GPT 4 playground.


In a nutshell, Chat GPT 4 playground is an excellent product of OpenAI that can do wonders in this technologically advanced era. It has the ability to write movie scripts, process images, summarize text, and a lot of similar stuff. Currently, it isn’t available freely; it can only be accessed by subscribing to the Chat GPT Plus plan or joining the GPT 4 waitlist.

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